PERCUSSION WORKSHOP with Joy Krauthammer

"Make a joyful sound unto Hashem. Serve G*d with Joy."
- Psalm 100:1-2.

"Let your hands take you where your feet can't go."
- Joy Krauthammer

Sound Journey with Joy Shakers

Learn to creatively play EGGS and small, shaken percussion instruments from indigenous world cultures. Explore shaker rhythms, tempos, patterns. Shape sounds, and experiment with body and shaker movements and positions. Shake, swing, swirl and shuckle your shakers in the Four Worlds--spirit, mind, heart and body.

Embrace the shaker beat; expand your vitality, joy, love, gratitude, silence. Express passion--ecstasy and subtlety. Dance with the Divine. Reveal and share your blesSings and abunDance. Inspire others with sacred connection to the Creator.

Booking for Joy Shakers workshop: please write to Joy preferably at her personal address or joyofwisdom1 at  and/or use COMMENT below.

JOY SHAKERS is one of the Kabbalistic workshops in Joy's series, DON'T POSTPONE JOY.

Joy Krauthammer, MBA, a passionate percussionist, loves spiritually 'being played' in sacred spaces, Serving G*d in Joy. Blessed, she accompanied legends, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, z'l, Rabbi David Zeller, z'l, and Babatunde Olatunji. A sound healer, Joy plays crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. She is a percussionist, poet, publisher (Chai Lights), purple loving woman, artist, gardener, spiritual guide, and leads Kabbalah workshops.

Joy's musical bio can be read on links:

Reb Shlomo Carlebach, Joy Krauthammer, Shirley Perluss
photo by Lewis Weinger  © 
Joy Krauthammer (shakers) top photo by Mark Reden © 
Joy Shakers cartoon by Joy Krauthammer © 

Spiritual people share their thoughts about Joy and her gift of music:

"Joy uplifts the spirit through her ecstatic drumming and timbrels as she plays for the Glory of G-d. A Jewish woman, with her heart as wide as the ocean, Joy cares deeply about her People and all of humanity."
- Reb Hesha Abrams, Dallas, Texas

"Many recite the words Psalm 150, 'Praise God with the Drums ...' I know only a few people who really drum for God's sake; Joy Krauthammer is among the the first of them."
- Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, co-author of Jewish With Feeling

"Joy Krauthammer has added her skillful percussion and her exuberance to my Shir Ecstasy, Jospel workshops at both Kallah and Ruach HaAretz concerts, helping the choir to reach ecstatic heights."
- Sharon Alexander, Director, Shir Ecstasy Jospel Choir

"Joy weaves spiritual depth, world rhythms, and powerful healing into each musical journey. She can rattle you into healing or deep self realization. Enjoy the rhythm!"
- Christine Stevens, Director, REMO Drum's Health Rhythms; author, Healing Drum Kit

"Joy is a consummate musician and has a profound passion and energy for her work. When Joy brings in her percussion instruments and participates for the last nine years in our Lev Eisha women's services, she adds layers of spirituality, joy and fun.
"Her music, and presence adds a deep abiding spiritual dimension to our service.
"Joy's playing, and her ecstatic spirit and joyous personality add so much to Lev Eisha, and we would not be the same without her. Always reliable, she is consistently adding energy to our prayers enabling us to dance and sing at all our services. We love joy."

- Rabbi Toba August, Lev Eisha, Adat Shalom. Academy of Jewish Religion, LA.

"Joy, Gila Rena Tzohara, is Mamash Gevaldt; Double Joy and Light, my sweetest percussionist and holy sister."
"The holiest part of your body are your hands because they reach the highest."
- Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, of blessed memory, legendary composer, singer, the "dancing rebbe", recording artist, guitarist, Torah scholar.

Playing intuitively from her heart and soul, "Joy's music is part of the universal song to the One Creator, Source of All Life."
- Reb Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen, Jerusalem, Israel

"Joy, a woman with a deep soul, is playing for the congregations to help bring them to praise the Source of All Blessings. ...Joy has a faith gene and her soul resonates with the beauty in all the places she goes to."
- Roberto Loiederman, LA Jewish Journal

"Joy performed a heart opening/awakening, and ethereal piece on Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. My heart chakra was activated and it was deeply moving. Joy is an eclectic mix of gypsy, faery, and angel, and her music shimmers just like her lavender, gold-speckled scarves."
- Kris Oster, Producer, Gaia Festival

"Your drum beat is like a heart beat and excitement; when you are playing, I feel like it is you enveloping all of us in your loving arms.
You radiate warmth and love and make others feel so comfortable. 

Thank you for being your beautiful soulful self. You are a precious being."
- Debbie Friedman, acclaimed singer, composer

Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalolmi, Rabbi Debra Orenstein, Joy Krauthammer, drummer
Makom Ohr Shalom
©  Mark Reden

Reb Shlomo Carlebach and
R>L Joy Krauthammer, Ed Rhodes, Bruce Berger (Rebbe Soul),
 Simcha Sheldon, Sam Glazer
Feb. 1994, Tatou, Beverly Hills, CA
Lewis Weinger © 

Joy Krauthammer, djembe
Jewish Women's Theatre
©  Deborah Alexander

ChArt by © Joy Krauthammer

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JOY -- a percussionist, and her bands, OPEN TO WONDER, and KINDRED SPIRITS are also available for musical and spiritual gatherings.

JOYous CHAI LIGHTS January 2012

"Ivdu Et HaShem B'Simcha"
© Joy Krauthammer
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